We are a team of skilled trial lawyers in Toronto that vigorously defend our clients from all criminal, regulatory and quasi-criminal charges. We have successfully litigated hundreds of cases, at every level of court in Ontario. We advise and defend our clients during times of crisis and secure excellent results. At Greenwood Defence, we practice law from a holistic and client-centered perspective. Our all-inclusive approach means we support our clients at every stage. We do not cut corners or compromise results. 


Our experienced trial lawyers successfully defend* clients facing a wide range of charges.​ We also regularly provide legal advice and representation to witnesses, complainants and individuals who are under investigation by the police.​

  • Murder

  • Sexual Offences: Assault, Interference, Pornography, Indecent Act

  • Domestic Assault

  • Drug Offences: Trafficking, Importing, Possession, Production

  • Child-Related Offences: Pornography, Sexual Interference 

  • Robbery, Break & Enter, Theft 

  • Arson

  • Driving Offences: Impaired driving, Over 80, Drive While Disqualified

  • Fraud & Extortion

  • Firearm Offences

  • Breaches of Court Orders; Fail to Comply, Disobey Court Order

  • Peace bond and restraining orders

  • Provincial and quasi-criminal offences


We represent professionals facing allegations of misconduct

and violations of the regulatory standards associated with

their profession. We vigorously defend our clients to protect

their reputation and their practice. 


We assist clients in crisis, and their families, navigate the criminal, mental health, and administrative justice systems.


We focus on mental health proceedings, both in criminal and civil contexts. We appear frequently before the Ontario Review Board, Consent and Capacity Board, and in Mental Health Court, and have developed an established reputation in these forums. 


Our lawyers are experienced in the complex legal issues that arise in cases involving severe mental illness. We regularly litigate issues such as, fitness to stand trial, treatment orders and criminal responsibility. We also provide legal consultation and advocacy regarding Mental Health Act apprehensions, and at Consent and Capacity Board and Ontario Review Board hearings. 


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